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Birthdate:Dec 21
Location:Colorado, United States of America
I'm a former writer of BtVS fanfic, a major Willow/Spike shipper, aptly named Spillow.

I'm a Doctor Who fanfic writer. I'm a major Doctor/Rose shipper, mostly Ten, but occasionally Nine as well, and that's mostly what I post about here.

I also love, love, love to make icons. I'm an icon-making whore. Really, I am. I make so many icons that I could use one everyday for the next two years and not repeat them. Scary, huh? I make DW, BtVS, Stargate SG-1, PotC, LotR, and some actor icons, and I take requests. I'm telling you, I'm an icon-whore. Okay, that's all you need to know. Go away... stop looking at me!

Oh, wait... stay for a second. Come back, just don't get too comfy, be prepared to run off and read stuff. If I don't friend you, don't take it personally. I'm going to try to limit my time on here--HA!--and don't want to get too involved in the community--HA!!--and the people in it, not to mention the 'cliques' everyone seems to agree are a bad by-product of blogs. So, if you're glaring at your screen wondering why I didn't friend you, chill out, relax. Have fun. :)

My Willow Mood Theme.

My Samantha Carter Mood Theme.

My layout was made by [personal profile] grrliz The Fulcrum. Image altered by me.

I co-mod a Doctor Who writing community called [community profile] shake_n_shiver with my beta, [personal profile] momdaegmorgan.

I co-mod a Doctor Who community called [profile] unsung_dw with [personal profile] momdaegmorgan, [personal profile] rabid1st, [personal profile] helygen, and [profile] rachelbeann. It's about showcasing the lesser-known Doctor Who writers.

I moderate a community called [personal profile] iconoclasts. It's a tutorial comm. It just needs members and a little love. :(

Check it out! Caps, icons, promo images, and forums to speak with like-minded people.

[profile] feannaro's goodies can be found here:

Dislikes:52:bad fanfic, bad grammar, boy bands, broccoli, cleaning, commercials, driving, fanwank, george w. bush, haters, heartburn, homophobia, how much i obsess over fandoms, internet explorer, jess on gg, junk mail, lack of comments, leonardo dicaprio, logan on gg, lost in translation, mel gibson, menstruating, moths, movies geared toward awards, odd numbers, opera, overly-sharpened eyes/lips, overly-smoothed skin, paris hilton, people as a whole, people who think reading hp will lead to satanism and sacrifice, racism, reality tv, shit-colored skin, snobs who aren't me, sonic commercials, soulful spike, spam, spiders, spinach, spuffy, stupid commercials, the death penalty, the inability to finish most things, the oc, the word 'cunt', the word 'panties', tom cruise, twangy old-time country and western music, vertigo, waiting
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